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  • Courageous Living

    Are you ready to follow your heart?

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    • Showcase your most courageous, magnificent self?

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  • Courageous Leadership

    Are you ready to:

    • Discover your Leadership Potential?

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    • Unleash your ability to Champion Change?

    • Move from a good to Great Leadership Style?

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  • Corporate Culture Transformation

    • Measure and Understand Your Corporate Culture

    • Attract and Retain the Best Talent

    • Increase the Creativity and Productivity of your staff

    • Improve your customer and shareholder satisfaction

    • Increase Employee Wellness and reduce costs

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Welcome To Dianne M. Kipp & Associates!

Moving Organizations from good to great! Conscious choice coaching for leaders, teams, individuals, couples, and families globally. Available via phone, Skype, Facetime or Google Plus.

Life Coaching

Would it be OK if life got easier and more satisfying? Consider this: What you will learn working with Coach Dianne will change your life! It will teach you how to coach yourself for life and how to “be” your most magnificent self!

Executive Coaching

In these turbulent times, leadership takes on a whole new dimension. Leaders of yesterday can’t depend on what they learned in the past to be effective in today’s ever changing career landscape.

Culture Consulting

What is your company’s culture? With our help, you can transform it into a healthier state of enthusiastic leaders and employees, which means satisfied customers, shareholders and improved profits!

Start Your Journey Here

"Don't know what your true passions or purpose might be? Can't imagine what career might be next for you? Not sure how you will spend your Real Living retirement time? Take advantage of this limited time offer to begin your discovery of what Courageous Living means for you! Everything you need to begin Courageous Living for just $29.99

Meditation MP3

Finding it difficult to pause for relaxation, meditation, or to take a break from the chaos of the day? Take a nice deep breath in, let it go with a sigh, and listen now as Coach Dianne helps you gain a few moments of peaceful, mindless rest.

Career Transition

Looking for a new opportunity? Feeling you are not sure what industry or area of interest you might be qualified to pursuit? Changing careers can be an exciting exploration if approached in a positive fashion.

Awesome Retreats

Come celebrate the cycles of the earth, surrounded by the Maya temples and Solar Calendar in the Great Plaza of the ancient Copanecs. Participate in a Special Yoga Maya Fusion event on 12-12-12!

Speaking & Seminars

Coach Dianne's seminar and speaking event topics include: Creating Competitive Advantage-The New Frontier, Courageous Leadership - Leading vs. Managing, and much more!

Companies We have Worked With Include:

West Point Underwriters
Women's Tennis Association
Mercury Insurance Group
Medisca, Your Trusted Partner
Franklin Templeton Investments
BB&T Bank
Arbonne International
American Heart Association

Best Life Coaches in Tampa – 2016


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