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Culture is what we experience as the result of behavior in the work place. How we work together, how we treat one another, how our values are demonstrated from day to day. Rooted in the value systems of our leadership, our board of directors, and our employees, our culture evolves. What would it be like to actually be able to measure your current corporate culture, and to then design and implement the culture you desire, based in chosen values, and described in clearly articulated “behavior agreements”?

In these turbulent times where previous edicts no longer apply, returning to the basic elements of human behavior provides the greatest power to change and transform your organization from good to great.

At Dianne M Kipp & Associates, we are highly skilled in assessing and curing corporate culture with a values-based approach. Focusing on discovering what is already present, utilizing the best and most positive elements, and creating the new elements required to enable your desired future state.

Utilizing Barrett Cultural Transformation Tools, your culture is assessed, resources are targeted to the specific areas of need, and the change process is managed through to adoption by developing and actuating the behavioral statements and operating agreements crafted by your leadership group.

Consider these facts of Competitive Advantage:

  1. Cultural Capital is the New Frontier of Competitive Advantage – Attracting and keeping talented people will depend on creating a corporate culture that brings personal fulfillment to everyone in the organization.
  2. Who You Are and What You Stand for Are Just as Important as What you Sell – If you want your organization to perform consistently at peak levels, you need to become a values driven organization, where everyone from leadership down, walks the talk of your espoused values. Ethics are clear and there is a no tolerance policy for deviation.
  3. Organizational Transformation begins with Personal Transformation – Organizations do not change, people do. Transformation must begin with leadership acting as the role models of the values, beliefs and behaviors desired – walking the talk.
  4. Measurement Matters! If you can Measure It, You Can Manage It!

Performance management lies at the heart of continuous renewal and cultural transformation. You must identify the changes you want your organization to adopt, determine the strategy to get from here to there, and be able to measure the progress towards success.

Our associates have advanced certification to utilize Richard Barrett’s Cultural Transformation Tools, to do just that!

Dianne M. Kipp & Associates will enable you to:

  • Measure and understand your corporate culture
  • Attract and retain the people best suited for your organization
  • Unlock the creativity and productivity of your employees
  • Improve your employees’, customers’, and shareholders’ satisfaction
  • Increase your bottom line

Courageous Leadership – Values Driven Success

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