Courageous Leadership

Courageous Leadership

Have you tried Leadership Coaching?

What is Courageous Leadership?

In these turbulent times, leadership takes on a whole new dimension. Leaders of yesterday can’t depend on what they learned in the past to be effective in today’s ever changing landscape. Dealing with multi-generational work forces, budget restrictions, mergers of culture through acquisitions, etc. requires exceptional interpersonal skill, superior strategic thinking capabilities, and the removal of “silo” mentality. Partnership and collaboration are the new currencies, and stretch assignments are the new promotion.

Becoming resilient to change, leading others in change, and making transitions easy demands your attention and intention to step up, if you are to succeed as a leader. What you learn in your quest for effectiveness at work, will also yield great results at home. Personal mastery is not a self-contained entity, it is the transformation of our “being” that evolves us to the next level of achievement.

Whether you or your organization is faced with an impending “change” resulting from market impact, merger, systems or process improvement or you are planning a culture transformation, the effectiveness of your “leadership strategy” is critical. Taking time to consciously assess current status will allow you to design a “leadership strategy” to support your leaders’ ability to successfully lead and manage change. It is clearly the most Courageous step you can take as a leader of leaders.  Working with leadership coach and strategist Dianne Kipp will move your organization from Good to Great with ease.

Elements of  Leadership Strategy:       <

 Development           Mastery      Demonstration

  • What is your organization’s “leadership strategy”?
  • Are you a “learning organization” that provides a leadership development path for leaders moving from functional to strategic responsibilities, or for leaders joining the organization from outside?
  • Is the culture of  your organization a reflection of the leaders walking your values proposition talk?

At Dianne Kipp & Associates we know it takes Courage for leaders to embrace the new leadership paradigm while transitioning from functional or operational roles to the strategic leadership competencies. It involves conscious assessment, focused objectives setting, developmental training and experiential learning. Executive Leadership coaching has been proven to dramatically increase the speed and sustainability of an executive’s ability to demonstrate authentic, values-based leadership.


Lasting Effect of Leadership Coaching

The Ripple Effect of Executive or Leadership Coaching on Organizations, Culture and Change – research findings recently shared from Sean O’Connor scientifically illustrate how the effect of coaching an executive positively effects the people they lead, the people they network, the others who are coached.  Read more in these latest findings funded by the Harnish Foundation TheCoachingRippleEffect

Why choose Dianne Kipp as your Executive Leadership Coach?

Dianne believes that every individual is capable of achieving his or her highest potential. She partners with her clients to discover the facts, eliminate the “story” and to craft a plan of action for leading their organizations to greater success.

Clients find working with Dianne provides “openness” and a “safe space” in which they can discover new ways to articulate and accomplish the critical objectives necessary to move themselves and their organizations forward, with relative ease.  They enjoy moving from “good to great”, leveraging their conscious choices to advance to their most effective leadership style.  Dianne is adept at working with even “entrenched” behaviors providing empathetic but firm support of an executive’s accountability, in a relaxed, often fun environment.

Key to Dianne’s approach is her ability to easily build lasting relationships which arises from her natural instinct to truly care for people.  As an executive coach she is driven to help others be successful professionally, but also cares deeply for people to be better in their personal lives.

Coach Dianne has seen it all! She has coached countless senior executives to move from “good leader” to “great leader” by helping them identify what is getting in the way of their ability to achieve the new skills required in their current, new, or next leadership role. Dianne’s experience as a corporate leader as well as her expanse of industry exposures assures a myriad of example scenarios and opportunities for your growth. As an adjunct faculty member of University of Florida Leadership Development Institute, a Senior Performance and Effectiveness consultant, she brings a wealth of skill to partner with you to enable your success.  Find out more here!


As a  seasoned coach, Dianne has successfully worked with senior executives, business owners and sole proprietors to clarify developmental aspirations, enhance, expand, and extend their effectiveness as leaders. Serving organizations such as Franklin Templeton, Medisca, CCS Medical, College Education Services, Woman’s Tennis Association, Mercury Insurance, West Point Underwriters and BB&T, Dianne’s clients experience measurable and sustainable results in their professional and personal objectives. She has developed and implemented impactful coaching programs on a worldwide scale.

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