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Leadership Development 

What does it Mean to You or Your Organization?

The Journey of Leadership Development

FACT: The Ability to Hold and Nurture a Strategic View is often Lacking in Emerging Leaders.

A Leader’s development depends on a leader’s ability to become conscious of what is currently not working, and replace those actions/behaviors with those that will produce the intended results. The process of becoming conscious involves the leader’s willingness to learn a new way of thinking about what is currently happening and their role in that reality.

When working with a coach, a leader is able to discover how to shift the perception of others, by consciously choosing a new approach to interacting with others, to accomplish what must achieved. Based on their own choice of what is most comfortable and appropriate, the leader develops new behaviors that promote personal satisfaction and improved effectiveness as a leader of self and others.

How can an Executive Coach contribute to your bottom line?

As humans, our minds can either work for or against us, depending on our level of consciousness. When working with a certified coach, leaders improve their self-awareness to make conscious choices over reactionary responses.

When you leaders are making effective choices, work gets done faster, projects are delivered on time, within budget, and to the client’s satisfaction. A culture of effective leadership increases client satisfaction, which increases your revenue stream.

Aren’t all Leaders Effective? Ask the experts.

Ladders of Inference

In his book The Fifth Discipline, Peter Senge describes the phenomena of “Ladders of Inference”. It goes something like this.

Our brains are designed to collect data, based on our present or past beliefs, values, opinions, conclusions, etc. Once the data is collected through the filters of our past, we assign meaning to the data which may or may not be based in fact or truth.

Those filters may prevent us from seeing the facts, as a mechanism of protection. Maintaining our desire to “be right”, to win the battle, or to avoid an uncomfortable conversation, we may choose to act as if the “information collected” is correct. Our brains can work against us by refusing to accept another’s opinion, or to notice other “data” as our drama builds within.

Example: I learn that a colleague is being promoted to a higher level. I assume that means I am being overlooked.
I react by calling my leader and giving all the reasons I should be the one, etc.
Outcome: I appear defensive, non-supportive of my peer, and probably feel rather embarrassed as well.

When we act before discerning fact from “inference” we compromise our ability to demonstrate our most effective leadership style.

At Dianne M. Kipp & Associates we are masters of consciousness coaching, from the ontological perspective.
We partner with the leader to enable their becoming conscious of their choices in a professional, supportive, and values based approach.
1. Getting to the heart of what matters most

2. Aligning actions to intended results

3. Targeting specific experiences, learnings, and activities to achieve the critical objectives.

4. Designing measurable outcomes

5. Monitoring and measuring results

6. Celebrating success in coaching themselves and others

Let us know if we can support you in your quest for improving leadership effectiveness at all or any level within your organization.  We are but a phone call away!

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