Courageous Living with Life Coach Dianne Kipp

We all have the ability to live life as large as we can imagine… so why don’t we?

Somehow we go to sleep wondering about what the possibilities might be…… While we let life just happen to us, until suddenly it passes us by.

Courageous Living is making a conscious choice to wake up to what the possibilities are; stopping long enough to look and see What Really Matters to me in this life?  And then taking authentic action to make it happen.

I have coined the term “Courageous Living” to describe taking action to discover what matters most to you in life.

Why Courageous Living? Because I believe it takes a tremendous amount of courage for people to stop the everyday activities long enough to take a look inside and to ask themselves these questions:

If life were going to end for me shortly, what things would I want to focus on?

  • What would I want to have accomplished?
  • How do I want to be remembered?
  • By whom do I want to be remembered when I am gone from this life?

Only when we answer these questions can one identify what truly matters most, right now. Hiring a certified ontological coach is the most effective way to succeed.

How Do You Begin?

Working with you as your life coach, partner, confidant, and muse Life Coach Dianne will guide you to discover your most passionate desires, to explore your inner priorities, and to design the life of your dreams. She will continuously challenge you to be your most Courageous and Magnificent self, based on your most authentic self.

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What Would “Courageous Living” Look like for YOU?

Are YOU Willing to?

  • Discover your heart’s desires and Life Intentions??
  • Learn how to surpass preconceived self-limitations??
  • Be empowered to transform your dreams into reality??
  • Experience your most courageous and magnificent self!?

Call Coach Dianne Today to begin your Journey to Courageous Living!  727-481-1646

Life is Short – Love it Well.


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