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H. S., Arlington, Virginia

Hi Dianne,

Thank you for that and many thanks and blessings to you as well. You will always be a big part of my life and successes, as you imparted invaluable wisdoms upon me that have helped me to grow and prosper. I am now in the last 2 ½ weeks of school to graduate with my MBA and am working for a good, stable company with 3 interviews lined up for management positions in the next few weeks, my girls have both made straight A’s, this first semester of 3rd grade and while my teenager is still a teenager, we are in a good place relationship wise and that is invaluable.

I owe a lot of those successes to you setting me on a path of “thankfulness” and “forgiveness” at a time when I was filled with so much hurt, anger and disappointment at our first visit, what, almost 6 years ago now J Please know you are one of the blessings in my life, though we don’t see each other or talk much due to distance, know you are a woman I admire and love dearly, you have a beautiful spirit and light and inspire so many people, you are an Angel and I am honored and blessed to have found you during this lifetime when I needed you most!

B. V., Tampa, FL

Dianne has a keen ability to help leaders assess not only their own development needs, but to work with leaders’ to determine the top needs within their organization. Dianne has a proven track record of success in the development of personal, team, and organizational development plans that are successful and measurable. Dianne easily builds lasting relationships because she truly cares for people and she is driven to help others be successful not only professionally, but cares for people to be better in their personal lives.

R.E., Iowa

Dianne is a dynamic and thought provoking business coach and consultant. She has the ability to look from the mountain top of your business, seeing the big picture, while also helping you to co-create the road map that will get you the results you desire.

KEJ, California

I know Dianne Kipp to be a consummate professional who is passionate about her craft and driven by the positive, powerful transformations that coaching and development can bring about. Her energy, integrity, and warmth make Dianne a pleasure to work with.

LE, Florida

I brought Dianne in to coach my sales force of 10 people, many of whom were new to sales and very apprehensive about selling. She taught creative techniques which allowed them to think differently about themselves and about the sales process and to make life-long changes in the way they dealt with obstacles and self-doubt. Although some of them are no longer in sales, Dianne helped equip them with life skills that they could take into any career field.

I would recommend Dianne’s coaching services without reservation to anyone who wants to empower their employees or sales force to think bigger, more creatively and more positively!

C.R., Bay Area, California

Diane Kipp takes a very professional approach in dealing with both her clients and her colleagues. She is clear about expectations and follows-up to ensure a win/win for all parties. In working with her recently on an up coming project her mastery as a coach and delivering coaching to clients was evident. She is extremely knowledgeable and current on coaching methods and is adaptable in her approach. I am pleased to be working with her.

H.S., Virginia

Coach Dianne has been such an inspiration to me.  When I first began meeting with her I was going through an ugly divorce that had me doubting everything about myself.  She was able to connect with me and teach me how to realize my full potential and focus on what is truly important in my life.  Her caring and concern shone through with her energizing words that touched me deeply and made me realize my life was only beginning. With Dianne’s guidance I have gone on to finish my Bachelor’s degree, start in the MBA program at USF and start my own business.  I could have never done all of that without Dianne’s help and encouragement.  She continues to inspire me through her words and actions which are about looking for the good in everyone and everything. I am so thankful to her for being willing to coach me and sharing her wisdom with me in a way that I could understand and relate to, it has made all the difference in my life and my relationships.

D.L, Tampa/San Francisco

I hired Dianne for life/career coaching in 2006 and worked with her until I moved from Tampa to San Francisco in 2007. Working with Dianne gave me the clarity, courage, and creativity to make the necessary changes and steps to move to San Francisco and build a new life. I still find myself quoting her o/ sharing her wisdom with others.

MS., St Petersburg, FL

Dianne helped me fine-tune my resume and showed me valuable interview skills. She also helped me work on my confidence, as well as how to approach and handle certain business related issues that resulted in my being promoted to customer service at my current job. She is a true professional and a pleasure to work with!

DW, Ft Lauderdale, FL

It has been a life-changing experience working with Dianne!   As I worked with her with some of my career and life changes, she has guided me and provided me the tools to find the path that has given me true happiness with my decisions.   Not only did those efforts support the specific events I was working through, she has taught me skills that I still use to this day!  Her knowledge and experience as a seasoned professional, coupled with her warm and compassionate personality, provides a great balance for success.

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