Values-based Culture Assessment

Values-based Assessment

Values-driven companies are the most successful companies, we think you will agree this has been well documented by Collins and Porras “Built to Last” and “Good to Great”

What makes this true?

We all have a set of intrinsic values which underly how we make decisions and determine our level of commitment, ethics, and demeanor in the work place.

How Values Drive Everything!

*Values drive culture – what people experience at work
*Culture drives employee fulfillment – employees can be naturally engaged
*Employee fulfillment drives customer satisfaction – well-being is contagious
*Customer satisfaction drives shareholder value – It truly is the Bottom line

How can a Values-Based Culture Assessment help?

The first step in managing your culture, is measuring it.

A values-based culture assessment allows you to determine exactly what your current culture is –
* what are the values and behaviors currently being demonstrated and experienced?
* what the values people naturally bring to your company?
* is there a match in what they bring, what they experience, and what you desire?

How does a Values-Based Culture Assessment work?

Utilizing a THREE QUESTION on-line survey, your organizations’ culture is measured, defined, allowing you to determine exactly …
*defining “future state”
*clarifying mission, vision, and chosen values
*where to focus your resources for changing current state
*whole systems approach to planning the transformation
*change adoption based in behavioral agreements
*measurable and sustainable transformation

The New Frontier of Corporate Culture Capital is the landscape of competitive advantage.

The new rules require attention to culture, attention to multiple-generational over lap in values, ethics and expectations.

What a Healthy Culture Might Look Like:

*Values vs Compliance for compliance sake
*Courage to restore credibility
*Conscious leadership enables effective leadership
*Attracting and retaining talent based in values, trust, commitment
*Retention based in employee fulfillment through values match
*Sustainable workforce

The experts at Dianne M. Kipp & Associates will utilize Barrett Values Centre Cultural Transformation Tools to help you:

*Measure and understand your current culture
*Attract and retain the people best suited to your company
*Unlock the creativity and productivity ofmyour staff
*Improve satisfaction…of your emplyees, your customers, and your shareholders. This is the bottom line!

Courageous Leadership. Values Driven Success!

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