What is Coaching?

What is Coaching?


Coaching is a proactive, optimistic approach that draws upon your inherent strengths and facilitates the action you want to take to transform your personal, professional, or spiritual life. Invite yourself to connect with your core intentions, go beyond preconceived limitations, and realize your goals with clarity, focus, ease and grace!

Coaching creates a partnership between the coach and the player (client). It affords the player the opportunity to investigate their true heart felt intentions and to discover the values by which they wish to live their lives. The coach provides a safe, supportive environment in which the player is free to discuss their most closely held thoughts, opinions, and desires so they might discover what has been limiting their ability to achieve their most cherished goals.

Once discovered, the player, with support of the coach, designs the plan of action to bring the dream into reality. While the player takes action, the coach holds the vision, maintains support, celebrates the success, and holds the player gently accountable for the promises made to achieve success.

A Few Facts about coaching:

-50% of all successful businesses now employ coaches for their managers and staff
-80% of people being coached have at least an under graduate degree
-33% have a master’s degree or above
-60% are men
-80% report greater satisfaction with their work, home, and personal lives
-75% report greater productivity and satisfaction of employees

Coaching is not psychotherapy nor should it be considered a replacement for therapy, medical advice, financial advice, or legal advice.

Who might benefit from a coach?

Anyone, from any walk of life may benefit from coaching.

If you are feeling “stuck”, “overwhelmed”, “frustrated”, or think there must be more to life than this, coaching is the fastest path to design the life you want to live!

If you are experiencing a life change, such as:
• marriage • divorce • change of profession • change of location
• death of a loved one • disease or near death experience
• starting a business • growing a business • down-sizing a business

You will be amazed what a difference coaching can make in your life AND your business!

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