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“Dianne has a keen ability to help leaders assess not only their own development needs, but to work with leaders’ to determine the top needs within their organization”.

Dianne has a proven track record of success in the development of personal, team, and organizational development plans that are successful and measurable. Dianne easily builds lasting relationships because she truly cares for people and she is driven to help others be successful not only professionally, but cares for people to be better in their personal lives.
She believes that every individual is capable of achieving his or her highest potential. She partners with her clients to discover the facts, eliminate the “story”, and to craft a plan of action for leading their organizations to success. Leaders experience an ability to articulate and accomplish the critical objectives necessary to move themselves and their organizations forward, with relative ease. They enjoy moving from good to great leaders, leveraging their conscious choices as they advance to their most effective leadership style, in a relaxed, supportive environment.

“Dianne’s approach is to meet her clients where they are, opening “safe space” for contemplation and introspection, where the leader discovers what might be preventing their greatness”. Serving as a catalyst, she enables personal mastery of those traits most relevant to achieve their highest level of effectiveness.

As an Executive Coach, Dianne changes how leaders choose to lead at work. She helps them see themselves and their work more objectively, evaluate what they can do to be more effective and satisfied, and builds their capabilities and effectiveness in all parts of their lives. She guides leaders to be more mindful and aware, set goals, take action, build relationships, and live and work collaboratively with the people in their lives. The experience is reflected in all aspects of their lives, at work and at home.
A seasoned Coach, she does not force or control, and is not focused on advising or directing. Instead, she serves as a partner with her clients to help them effect positive change they seek in how they live and work. A transformation catalyst, Dianne provides the guidance,  tools and support necessary for her clients’ ultimate success, and celebrates every juicy goal achieved.

Dianne knows that nothing changes until support is provided for peoples’ behavior to change: successful adoption of new technology, systems and processes, depend on behavior change. It is in fact how sustained results are achieved. It is the “soft skills” not attended that will inhibit sustainable results.

Behavior change occurs through learning, experiential practice, and repetition. In his book “The Fifth Discipline”, Peter Senge suggests Executive Coaching is the fastest approach to offering a leader the opportunity to increase effectiveness and in support of a learning organization, where culture is about self-learning, self-mastery, and self-development as a normal course of events.

If you are considering coaching for yourself or for someone in your organization, contact Dianne directly today, it may be the best executive decision you make this year.    


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